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Approved/Not Approved

During an intense getting yelled at by my boss session. She asked why a certain piece of creative was sent out to print without her approval. My production manager spoke up and said that she had approved it, and that we had her signature on the final version. Her response, to me, was ,“Just because I approve something doesn’t mean that I approved it.” I love statements like that – so very amazing.


First day on the job

I used to do a lot of temp work. When you do temp you are thrown into some odd situation almost always. I started a new job in the fall a few years back. I was shown to my area, and started to get settled in at the computer. As I sat, wondering what the hell I was doing in this strange office, I felt a small tap on my head. I then noticed a small bug, kind of larve-ish on the desk. I was more confused than anything. Did this bug just drop out of the ceiling onto my head?! What kind of place is this? Is there a dead animal up there under the drop ceiling? The office was very quiet. I asked the woman sitting next to me if she was aware of anything odd with bugs in the office. She looked at me like I was insane. I didn’t want to draw attention to myself, so I quietly threw the monster in the trash, and got to work. I was always aware of the ceiling after that, and moved my seat at the first possible opportunity. I should have know right then and there how that job would be. Dummy me, stayed for more than nine months.